Writing a Law PhD with Latex (6)

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The Chapter Structure

As you could see in the previous chapter, for every new chapter we create a folder called chapter_number in the text folder. Within those folders, we need a content.tex file and a title file. The only thing important in the title file is the first line, in which we put the chapter title. A simple example:

Literature Review

The content.tex file is the one used by the main tex files. You could write the whole chapter in this file, or you might (as I would recommend) point to other files (make sure you use the path relative to the main tex files: \input{chapter_1/part_1}, not \input{part_1}.

This text sounds probably more confusing than it is, so here is a little example for the folder structure at the beginning of the thesis:

  • text
    • abstract
    • acknowledgments
    • introduction
    • chapter_1
      • title
      • content.tex
      • 1-1.tex
      • 1-2.tex
      • 1-3.tex
      • 1-4.tex
    • chapter_2
      • title
      • content.tex
      • 2-1.tex
      • 2-2.tex
    • conclusion
  • literature
  • images
  • output

The files like 1-1.tex is where the true content is located.

The next part will finally explain how to write that content.