About me

My name is Tobias Kliem, and I am a senior lecturer in law at Canterbury Christ Church University, where I teach International Law, European Law and British Constitutional Law.

My research and main interest area is in the field of international law, and there particularly in the law of international organisations and the rules governing the use of force. I recently completed my PhD on the legitimacy of the UN Security Council entitled "A Step Towards Perpetual Peace?", and I am currently working on publishing it as a monograph. I am also looking at the influence of the so called cyber-warfare on international law on the use of force. Besides this, I am interested in the overlaps between international, European and national law, and, in more general terms, in the relationship between states and between states and individuals.

Besides my day job, I am quite enthusiastic about free and open source software: I have been using Linux exclusively (except when forced to use something else) for more than 10 years, and I don't think there are many other lawyers who, like me, wrote their PhD thesis in LaTeX using VIM. To combine my passion for free software and my teaching activities, I develop a free software database solution that helps departments with the day-to-day business of academia. More about that will follow here shortly.

You can reach me via email at tobi@tobiaskliem.de. Feel free to encrypt your email - my PGP key has the following fingerprint: D564 E5B6 463D 8961 F049 C73B 4F9E 0CC6 A658 5DC0

I am also present (although not always active) on social media - see the links on the left!